Saturday, April 23, 2016

And let there be...dark?

Okay I had a great little project for myself today and it only took me about an hour. I went down to the Mel Trotter (2nd hand store) and found the prettiest curtains. I got the curtains for $3 per panel and could not wait to hang them in my bedroom. I hung my new curtains but there was only one problem. We live on a very busy street in an Apartment complex on the first floor in front of the bus stop. All well and good until.. dum dum duuuuum, its dark outside and light inside.

What does that mean you ask? That means that every Tom Dick and Harry walking by our window can see in if we are... ahem.....a little bit naked, dressing, or ...other. So this was my great idea. I also got a king size flat sheet at the Trotter for $2 and I was going to use it for lining or whatever for my other little projects I do. Well wallah, I used my sheet to line my curtains.

I took all the measurements, and decided that since my windows are only 47  inches long, I did not have to line the entire 80 inches of the curtains to the floor so I cut the lining (sheet) at 50 inches just so it would give the privacy we needed. The added bonus was that they darken the room so in the early morning when the sun is up, we still have the room nice and dark so we can sleep.

 This is the finished result, I know the photo doesn't exactly show the results as it does in person, but take my word for it, they turned out great. I forgot to add, when I sewed in the lining, I used the basting stitch on my machine, so if I ever wanted to take it out it would be easy.

I love the color, I love how it looks from the outside, and it gave the whole room a new appearance. I cant believe I got these pretty curtains for a total of $8 and about an hour of workmanship to add the finishing touches.