Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bogus Baggy Britches into Bitchin' bags

Okay, so here we go, I have to tell you the story. I have lost about 100 pounds this past year and there are just some things that I never ever wanted to give up. One of those things was a favorite pair of jeans. They are the most comfortable, soft, know my body kind of jeans with just one problem; my body shrunk and my britches became "baggy britches" if you know what I mean.

It is not attractive to see a man walking down the street like he dropped a load in his pants and has to walk like he's trying to keep himself clean. but now, imagine a forty something woman walking around like that.... Not pretty! hahaha. That was me. My britches became baggy and saggy and not flattering at all but they were my favorite, my go to jeans, my "I love the way I feel in these jeans" jeans.

Well cutting a long story short, the only way I could rid myself of my naughty habit was to up-cycle my favorite jeans into something I can use. The fourth of July is right around the corner so I made the cutest little handbag.
 I went online and looked for ideas... about 4 hours later I came up with this. I cut the backside of the pants and used one outer pocket, then for the backside of the bag I used part of a pant leg.

I took some scrap fabric, cut out the stars, and then I sewed them onto the bag with some cute silver thread I have, the photos don't really catch the sparkle of the thread but it adds that little extra "POP"
 I took the seams of the jeans that I cut from alongside the leg of the pants and made a sort of braided shoulder strap, I only used 2 pieces because I didn't want the traditional braid look, but I think it came out okay. 

Once I did that, I took a cute piece of fabric and added the ID pouch to the inside of the bag

As you will notice, I have an ugly little black stitch on the lining of my bag. As an after thought, I added the little tab at the top of the bag with a piece of velcro to hold the bag closed.

Well, it is all a learning process for me, so next time I will know to add the strap before completing the entire bag. As a first time bag, I believe the cuteness outweighs the little boo boo on the inside that nobody will ever see. 

I forgot to add that I also put my phone in the pocket and made sure to sew up the sides so it would fit nice and snug to avoid it falling out.  

Tell me what you think of this bag, I would also love to see what you come up with for your baggy britches project.