Sunday, April 24, 2016

Notions and Bobbles and Bits, oh my!

I have to tell you, I love my weekends. Saturday is my play day and when my husband works, more play shall be had. I love traveling over to the second hand shops and searching for awesome finds.

One thing I have learned since sewing became an obsession is that it can be very expensive! I have gone to the fabric store and walked away with 1 tiny bag and $50 gone out of my pocket. I don't know about you, but this up-cycling idea has become an obsession for me. I don't want to pay a bazillion dollars for a fun little hobby, I want to pay tiny bits of money, make something special out of it and sell that item to buy more fun things to work and create with.

That being said, I went out yesterday to Twice as Nice which is a little second hand shop in my city.  I know, in the past few years second hand has become the craze so you do have to be careful because this store, as well as other, gets their items by donation and sells them at sometimes outrageous prices. a used sofa in this store will cost you nearly $800 dollars, I would go to Art Van if I wanted a sofa at that price and the only cooties on it will be my own, thank you very much.

Traveling into the dark recesses of the store I find a little "sewing section"  the sewing machines are $100 used....nope...cross that off the list. When I sink  down into their little shelves I dig and find a few little bargains! I found some scrap fabric, a light fleece in cream color (thinking it will be great for mittens) and some sew in and iron on interfacing. Not only did I find these things but I found a vintage little plastic container for my spools of threads, 2 packs of vintage lace and 3 rolls of ribbon, which you can never have too much of.

The cost of this haul you ask?    $7.00. The lace is adorable and the fabric scraps are just big enough to find something to make out of them.

The reason I posted this story in particular is to show you don't have to have a lot of money to start learning and earning money, I can sell my little items at great prices and at the same time, I can save some money to buy those big ticket items I have my eye on at the store. I also signed up at Jo-Ann Fabrics for their text coupons and never miss using my 50% off coupon when it comes to me. Don't pass by the second hand store next time your out, pop in and see what you can find, I don't always find something but I do always look.

Thanks for visiting me on my block, I hope you had fun.