Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wristlet made from men's shirt cuffs

Remember all the fun I had when I made my first apron? Well to refresh your memory, I used these two shirt sleeves from and old men's shirt that I had packed away in a box.

When I made the apron I cut off the cuffs of the sleeves but didn't want to throw them away, I was thinking, what can I make from these? I could have added some junk and made bracelets, but that was too crafty for me, I wanted to turn them into something that nobody would have ever thought of. I know... now days there is already usually an idea out there with the same concept, so I din't even look on the internet, I just came up with my own smarty pants idea. 

I thought about a wristlet. One cuff is way too small for a hand bag, it is not big enough for a phone, not even a license can be crammed into that little sucker so, I decided to sew the two together.
I used a zigzag stitch and I did it on the widest setting my machine has. Now I can't leave it looking like this because, um, well, gross! so I added a little white racing stripe down the center of the wristlet to cover the seam
After getting the seam covered, I found a little scrap of polka-dot fabric and added a little lining to make it look a little more professional
I added a cute little strap after sewing up the sides, and wallah.....

My finished product!