Tuesday, May 3, 2016

An Up-cycler can't live on used product alone

I do love a good up-cycle, but life is all about moderation. I know how awesome it feels to turn something unusable into that one great thing that you just have to have, but sometimes you have to get something new to give your item that little extra pop that makes it special. 

Here's what I'm talking about;

  I took an ugly old button down shirt and turned it into this cute little dress. not only is it a great up-cycle, I added some fabric that I found that with a Paris theme and gave the dress that little extra pop that made it perfect!

I think the fabric took the boring out of the peach colored jumper made it fun. I added a small ruffle around the bottom and just love the way the dress turned out. Up-cycling doesn't always have to be about just using used pieces, you can add a touch of new to make the plain turn out pretty. Tell me what you think!

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