Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Sharpie T-shirt Experiment

I love making things unique and giving them fresh makeovers and Tee Shirts are no exception. I have tried a new idea and wanted to share it with you here.

I found a site on youtube that talked about using sharpies and alcohol to create cool tees, this was my first attempt at that idea:

I colored the tee shirt with lines using my sharpies because in the video they made it look so easy. The video says  that once you add the alcohol, it will spread and create an awesome look to any tee. I scribbled my lines all over this white tee shirt with a board placed under the top layer of the shirt so the ink would not pass through to the back. Once I got the lines done, I pulled out the alcohol. I took an old paint brush, soaked it with alcohol and let it drip onto the shirt, it bled a little, it spread somewhat, but my tee didn't get the full affect of what I had pictured in my head. I cut the sleeves into slits on the side to give a little boho beach look and this is the final result. The video was true, once it dries it stays. I did let it dry then I washed it in cold water, I stuck it in the dryer and it really did stay so I am happy with that. I think as a first try it came out good, I learned what I will change for next time and I will do another tee shirt using all of what I learned.

Have you ever tried putting the sharpie project to work on one of your
Old tees? if you have, feel free to share what your idea was and if it turned out the way you thought it would. I am going to try a new idea and share it here to see if my new idea comes out as the picture I have in my head. I don't post these to show you that everything is a breeze, my posts are to show you that a lot of work really does have to go into each idea. Sometimes you think you're going to have a prefect result on the first try, but I bet the people making those videos make a whole lot of mistakes before that get that one perfect idea that finally comes out on video.

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