Saturday, May 28, 2016

Toddler tops from Men's Shirts

I have explained that I do like to take those old things and turn them into something new while having no resemblance to the item they were created from. I took a few old shirts and once again, and searched online to find something interesting to make. Not only do I like to make things, I want the item to be unique and different. I want to make one of a kind items that nobody has, that's what makes you who you are, so I want that to be what my items are too, one of a kind pieces with no two items identical.

That is my buddy Slim Shady, he chills out with me when I'm in the sewing mood. He loves to be the center of attention too. So, I took all of these shirts that I got at the local thrift shop down the block and created the following little tops and dresses. 

I thought I would have this bright idea of selling them on Etsy but Etsy scared me because of a huge, long, warning about children's clothing and all of the rules and regulations there are about selling them, I am not one who wants to be sued by that one crackpot so there they sit in my closet. I guess they will all have to become gifts for people because I am not willing to put my neck on the line by trying to sell them through my store. Anyway, I thought it was a great project and you could make them too, it was a lot of fun.