Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tunisian Flat Bread

Today is May 15, I live in Wyoming, MI and it is literally colder today than it was on Christmas Day here. We had rain all week last week, hail last night and I woke up to temperatures in the 30's this morning! This made me want to do absolutely nothing today but curl up in a blankie, but instead, I decided to make some home made goodies for lunch.

I lived in Tunisia for a few years when I married and I miss my mother-in-laws bread. Yummy food is all I can say. The flat bread I made today is a Tunisian flat bread usually stuffed with red pepper paste, sauteed onions and some sheep fat for flavor. 

Here in Wyoming I still make the saute with onions and tiny red and yellow peppers and then add a little harissa (pepper paste) for some zing. My husband and I are big garlic fans too so I can never make something from Tunisia without the garlic.

First I pull out the handy dandy bread machine, because I let it do all the dirty work for me (yep, I'm a little cheater) I add 2 cups Semolina flour to 1/2 cup Tunisian Olive Oil (dark) with a touch of salt and pinch of baking powder. Once I have it all in the machine, I let the machine do the work until it stops for the first rise. 

I pull the bread dough out and separate it into 8 balls, I roll out the balls as thin as I can possibly get them and add my sauce to the center of the bread, I fold it, pinch the edges and cook it on my iron comal.

. Here is a picture of my finished product, this was a yummy treat on such a cold day in the middle of May but it brought back memories of family and friends and we enjoyed every last bite!