Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Michigan Fun

I can't recall if I ever told you I live in Michigan, but I do. We have the only state where a person can ask where you are from and you just point to a spot on your hand. As a matter of fact, when you meet someone and ask where their from here,this is a pretty frequent occurrence. I live in west Michigan and about 40 minutes from the beach. I love this state, it is one of the few with four full seasons and we really do have something to do in each season. Our old rail lines and converting over to bike tracks faster than I ever thought they would and our city streets are all getting bike lanes, it is a great plaec to raise your kids, enjoy the arts and in Grand rapids it's a great place to go see a show at the Arena. We have had some pretty big stars come through my town and housing prices are skyrocketing because of the high demand. I just wanted to share a little about the place I live so you can better understand why I love this state so much and why so much of my work is inspired by my state.

I make these little pillows all of the time and give them as gifts to friends and family. I don't know a better way to tell someone you love them than by making them something from the heart. I like to personalize my little pillows by adding a button or charm to the city that my receiver is from! You can easily make these for any state, but I'll bet its not as fun as playing in the Mitten.

See you later, on my block!