Monday, April 4, 2022


I started with a pile of  tee shirts and no idea. I had a friend that knew a friend that was looking for someone to make her a memory quilt from her husbands old tees. Her husband was the love of her life and died too young and she gets through each day just one day at a time without him. I was up for the challenge but I found that taking someones clothing and cutting it up was so very difficult for me to do. On the one hand I was chopping something that would never be able to be put back together and on the other hand, I was going to try to have to honor a true love with the bits and pieces I salvaged for the project.

The next step was trying to find fabric I could add to my quilt to give it the cozy feeling the customer wanted. She wanted to wrap herself in a blanket that reminded her of her husband and she wanted to be able to cry, feel loved, and remember him as she did so. I had a lot fo pieces to work with and he was a big Michigan fan and Tigers fan so I thought for sure these colors would be the end of me but I came up with a great idea and found the perfect jelly roll to use on my journey to crteating this quilt.

The finished product came out better than I thought it would, I earned a good commission for the quilt and pillow and the person I made this memory quilt for is now able to wrap herself in the love of her husband every day. We all have different coping mechanisms and I was happy to help her keep her husband's memory alive!